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9/11: Iran Did It!

  • December 24, 2011
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With impeccable timing, a New York judge has ruled that Iran and al-Qaeda were responsible for the September 11 attacks.   Remember when you were told that Iraq was responsible for the attacks in the lead up to the invasion?  Now it turns out that Iran bore “material responsibility” for the attacks, according to US District Court Judge George Daniels.     An article in  the Daily Caller describes how

Family members of 9/11 victims who attended the open-court hearing broke into tears. They had nervously sat through a four-hour presentation by attorneys Thomas E. Mellon, Jr., and Timothy B. Fleming, consisting of evidence backing up their claims that Iran had foreknowledge of the 9/11 attacks and actively assisted the hijackers in planning, preparing, and executing their plan. “My husband”s name is on that lawsuit,” said Fiona Havlish, the lead plaintiff in the case against Iran. Her spouse, Donald G. Havlish, Jr, perished on the 101st floor of the World Trade Center’s South Tower. “This is about my husband, all our husbands, our loved ones, our sons, our daughters.”

Actually it isn’t. What this bizarre and ludicrous ruling is about is gross manipulation and deceit perpetrated against the 9/11 families and the American public. There is not,  and there never has been a shred of credible evidence to suggest that Iran had anything to do with al-Qaeda or the 9/11 attacks, or that it had any reason to carry them out.     The case against Iran appears to have been compiled by the two attorneys and an an unnamed ‘outside investigator’,   based mostly on videotaped evidence from three defectors from the Iranian intelligence services, one of whom, according to the Caller

was “physically present” when al-Qaida’s second in command, Ayman al-Zawahiri, came to Iran in January 2001 for four days of intense closed-door meetings with the top leadership in Iran to discuss the impending attacks.  Another took part in writing up the debriefing reports of Iran’s al-Qaida liaison, Imad Mugniyeh, once he returned to Iran from Afghanistan after the 9/11 attacks.

So it wasn’t just Iran, it was Hezbollah too.   All this bears the hallmarks of an intelligence propaganda stitchup, but then as Goebbels once observed, if you are going to lie you might as well tell the biggest lies possible.

You would have thought that American officials would be skeptical about the quality of evidence from such self-interested defectors, after the lies and fantasies from ‘Curveball’ and others that were used to justify the Iraq war, but Judge Daniels is clearly more credulous than most, or else he simply recognizes the usefulness of what he has been told.

It’s interesting to compare the Iranian lawsuit with the outcome of  an older civil case launched by the families of 9/11  victims, which attempted to sue the Saudi Arabian royal family and members of the Saudi financial establishment for funding al-Qaeda.

That case was certainly more credible than the current one, but it was directed against a key US ally.     As a result it was thrown out by the Supreme Court in 2009 on the Obama administration’s recommendation.

Iran, on the other hand appearing in the US gunsights once again.     And that is undoubtedly why Judge Daniels reached his decision.

Isn’t justice grand?

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