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Sheridan in Gaza: the Palestinians as ‘Indians’

  • August 10, 2014
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Despite the growing media criticism of Israel during the Gaza ‘conflict,’ there is still a general refusal or reluctance amongst mainstream journalists to acknowledge or analyse the broader strategic logic of Israeli violence.     Too often, journalists accept the dominant Israeli narrative that its actions in Gaza are entirely directed towards stopping the rockets...

British values for British toddlers!

  • August 08, 2014
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It’s probably a good thing the Telegraph saved a headline like ‘ Toddlers at risk from extremism’ for mid-summer, when millions of Britons are cooking themselves into a state of somnolent stupefaction on Mediterranean beaches or Dordogne hideaways, or taking advantage of the exceptional weather for a chilled-out staycation and a succession of beer-drenched evening...

The Night the Lights Went Out

The Night the Lights Went Out

  • August 06, 2014
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I didn’t join in the Lights Out remembrance on Monday night, though I’m told that our town looked pretty with the single lights or candles glowing in the darkness.

Photographs show that the nation also looked beautiful throughout the hour-long ‘gesture of remembrance’, as David Cameron called it.   Obviously I’m not going to do anything...

The Wisdom of Ayan Hirsi Ali

  • August 05, 2014
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Whatever you think of Benjamin Netanyahu – and readers of this site will know very well what I think of him – even the most fervent supporters of the Israeli blitz of Gaza have not proposed that he should be rewarded for his efforts with the Nobel Peace Prize.

Such a suggestion might work as satire...

Israel and Gaza: Sexy Cool Genocide

  • August 03, 2014
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In 1955 the dovish Israeli prime minister Moshe Sharett wrote in his diary that his countrymen had transformed revenge into a ‘sacred principle’ and worried that such tendencies ‘ must make the State appear in the eyes of the world as a savage state that does not recognize the principles of justice as they have...

The Prime Minister of Deportations

  • July 31, 2014
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Proving once again his commitment to defending the nation’s borders from the benefit-seeking migrant hordes,  David Cameron has posed for photographs at a Slough house from which four Albanians suspected of illegal immigration had just been arrested by Britain’s intrepid immigration police.   Lord Snooty was accompanied by Home Secretary Theresa May, who...

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