Lord Snooty and the Barbarians

Experience has shown repeatedly that David Cameron has only a casual and on-off relationship with the truth.  Whether inventing numbers of moderate Syrian rebels or exaggerating the numbers of migrants receiving benefits, His Lordship has never allowed his messages to the nation to be cluttered with facts.  So no one will be surprised that he has just attempted to kickstart his remain in Europe campaign by releasing another out-an-out lie to gnaw at the tormented imagination of the British public.

I’m referring to Cameron’s insistence that withdrawing from Europe will result in Calais-style migrant camps sprouting up all over Kent because the UK immigration officials would not be allowed to check passports in France.    There is absolutely no doubt that this was a lie – even the French have denied that such a thing would happen.  But it wasn’t just a lie; it was also a malignant falsehood that was intended – especially in the wake of Lord Snooty’s recent ‘bunch of migrants’ remark – to frighten the public with visions of migrant barbarians breaking into the citadel and soiling the garden of England.

So this is pretty disgraceful stuff in itself, in its casual dehumanization of the men, women and children that it referred to.  But like so many of Cameron’s pronouncements on immigration,  it was also something of a smokescreen and a distraction from the incredible destruction that Lord Snooty and His Pals have inflicted on British society during these grim five years.

Cameron would like nothing better than to have the British public worrying about the migrant hordes than taking a look at the quiet and deliberate devastation of the public weal that has taken place under his watch.

Let’s recall: it wasn’t migrants who have so demoralised the teaching profession that there has been an 11 percent rise in the numbers of teachers leaving it in the last three years, and  53 percent of teachers want to leave it within the next two years.  It wasn’t migrants who have underfunded  the NHS to the point of collapse, or who have alienated  83 percent of senior doctors want to leave, and junior doctors have gone on strike for the first time in decades.

One of the most essential – and often underrated – hallmarks of a civilised society is its ability to make free books available to a thinking and reading public.   In this country we once had one of the finest library systems in the world.  Since Lord Snooty came to power in 2010, his governments have presided over the closure of 400 libraries, and withdrawn some 14 million books.

But no matter how much destruction these headbanging fanatics inflict, its consequences are never their fault.  Confronted with evidence of an unprecedented recruiting crisis in British schools, a conservative spokesman blamed the teaching unions for scaring teachers away   When Andrew Marr read out some of the despairing letters from junior doctors on his show, a health secretary who is almost universally despised by doctors and nurses says that the BMA, not him, is lying to its members about doctors’ working conditions.

None of this had to happen.  It happened because not very deep down Lord Snooty and His Pals are philistine yahoos who loathe the very notion of public service.  Once upon a time this gang of upper class thugs used to smash up restaurants and burn fifty pound notes in front of beggars and boast about how much they hated the poor.

They were wreckers then, and they’re wreckers now.   And if we want to stop them, we really ought to stop talking about immigrants as if they were the incarnation of Genghis Khan and his Mongol hordes, and take a  long hard look at the barbarians who we foolishly placed in charge of the country so that they could systematically trash it.


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  1. Matt

    Cameron and his public school educated ilk have serious mental health problems
    Read “The Making of them” by Nick Duffell to see the effect boarding school has on young children.Also see his follow up book “Wounded Leaders” to see how their wounds are projected onto us and why they should be doing community service not leading this country.

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