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Blitz Spirit

  • November 30, 2011
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You always know you’re doing something right when Max Hastings and the Daily Mail tell you that you’re doing something wrong.  Today Hastings is in full flow, calling for ‘Blitz spirit’ from the wilds of west Berkshire in the face of today’s strikes and working himself up into a lather of indignation at the fact that The private sector can no longer afford to indulge state workers who, for too long, have got away with murder.’

Got that readers?   You got away with murder, because you thought you could have a living wage and retire on a decent pension.  You thought you could have a publicly-funded health service and a  state-funded education system.  Well guess what, you self-indulgent,  lotus-eating bastards,  you teachers, headteachers, nurses, binmen and council workers, Max Hastings is here to inform you that ‘ the Age of Abundance is over’ and that ‘ the  Government faces a long struggle to persuade the British people to accept that, in future, most of us will have somewhat less than we have had in the past’.

Most, but not all, eh Max?  The sage of Hungerford goes on to inform us that ‘If we are to become once more a solvent society, we shall need to become a less “compassionate” one, and to hell with the victimhood lobby’.

One suspects that Hastings would not find it too difficult to make the transition from compassion to solvency.  And who might the ‘victimhood lobby’ be?.  You guessed it

[stextbox id=”alert”]The unions” state of denial is illustrated by today”s strikes, which their leaders claim as the start of a long campaign to protect their privileges.  Hundreds of thousands of demonstrators, supposedly sensible and educated men and women, will be on the streets clamouring for preservation of inflated earnings and insupportable pension rights. [/stextbox]

Let’s hope Hastings is right about that at least.  Let’s hope that hundreds of thousands do come out and clamour for their ‘inflated’ earnings.   And not just today, but again and again.   Because there is no other way to prevent the truly dire future that our political and financial elites – and their cheerleaders in the national press – are preparing for us.




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