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Rami Zurayk’s War Diary

  • October 02, 2011
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I’ve just read Rami Zurayk’s magnificent War Diary: Lebanon 2006, a searing account of the 33-day Israel-Hizbullah war that began in July 2006, when Hizbullah carried out a cross-border raid in which 2 Israeli soldiers were kidnapped and 3 killed.

Determined to restore the ‘credibility of its military deterrent’,  Israel unleashed what later became known as the ‘Dahieh doctrine’, after  the Beirut district of Dahieh, which was virtually levelled during the war.

According to the 2009 Goldstone Report on Operation Cast Lead in Gaza, the essence of this ‘doctrine’ was ‘widespread destruction as a means of...

Nazi Literature in the Americas

  • September 29, 2011
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Until recently I hadn’t really got on with Roberto Bolaño, the Chilean novelist and new ‘sacred monster’ of Latin American literature who died tragically young in the Catalan town of Blanes at the age of 50.   I wanted to like him, because I liked his politics, his Catalan connections and his take on...

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