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Europe against austerity

  • November 14, 2012
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Solidarity is often invoked by European politicians as one of the essential principles of European unity.    In practice it tends to refer to  solidarity with banks and financial institutions, or between governments intent on slashing living standards  in the name of austerity rather than the victims of the new economic brutalism.

This was what Angela Merkel meant when she declared her ‘solidarity and friendship’ with Greece during a visit to Athens last month, at a time when the Greek government was preparing to impose another vicious round of cuts on...

Europe Cracks Up

  • October 11, 2012
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European governments tend to present “austerity” as though it were an inevitable and unavoidable response to a natural disaster, and many have used the economic crisis as an opportunity to enact a privatisation programme that would once have seemed like a utopian fantasy to the neo-liberals and Freedmanites of the 70 and 80s.

These policies have...

Spanish Doctors Say No to Barbarism

  • September 06, 2012
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Throughout the crisis of the last four years, too many European governments have shown a depressing willingness to target and stigmatize some of the most marginalized and vulnerable groups in society as a distraction from their own failings.

Whether it’s disabled ‘benefit scroungers’, asylum seekers, ‘illegal immigrants’ or simply immigrants per se, this process of victimization...

A New Kind of Barbarism: the Non-People of Patras

  • June 21, 2012
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I have just read a copy of the  so-far unpublished report* by the German NGO Pro-Asyl and the Greek Council for Refugees (GCR) on police brutality towards undocumented migrants in the port-city of Patras in Greece.   It makes grim and often sickening reading. Patras is one of the main exit points in Greece for...

Asturias Burning

  • June 12, 2012
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CELEBRATIONS are always premature in the manic depressive world of the eurozone, and Spain’s conservative prime minister Mariano Rajoy should have known better than to present Sunday’s bailout deal as a victory.    

By Monday evening German politicians were disputing his claim that the deal came with no strings attached, and insisting that the...

Greek fascist behaves like a fascist

  • June 08, 2012
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Yesterday’s attack on two Greek female MPs by Ilias Kasidiaris, the spokesman for the neo-Nazi Chrysi Avgi, (Golden Dawn) party,  on a national talk show, has presented the Greek public with a moment that will be difficult to ignore.

The clip of the encounter has now gone viral and it makes astonishing viewing.  ...

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