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  • August 26, 2012
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It’s an unwritten law of international relations that some lives matter while others don’t matter at all.     In practice this means that some people – or peoples – can be killed with complete impunity by more powerful states, while civilians or even servicemen from countries higher up the pecking order cannot be killed by countries lower down the hierarchy.

An example of this tendency can be found in the latest Iran sanctions bill, known as the Iran Threat Reduction Act, which was signed off by President Obama on 10 August.

According to Reuters, the...


  • March 07, 2012
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In these troubled times, with the Western world lurching toward a catastrophic war with Iran with all the vision and foresight of a stag party in the last stages of a pub crawl, we are fortunate to have leaders with the integrity and foresight to steer us away from the brink.

Thus we saw Benjamin Netanyahu...

Into the Abyss: Israel and the West Prepare the Next War

  • February 18, 2012
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In the last few weeks the prospect of a war with Iran has begun to assume a terrifying inevitability.  It is now clear that Western politicians, with the  support of the mainstream media, are preparing public opinion for the military option, using the same techniques that preceded the Iraq war.

As in Iraq, the current propaganda...

Here Come the Terror Cells…Right on Cue

  • February 15, 2012
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This week’s botched attacks in Tbilisi, New Delhi and Bangkok have brought the looming war between Israel and Iran closer.  It hasn’t been determined yet whether the last incident was actually directed against Israeli diplomats or personnel, or whether Iran is responsible for them, but Israel has no doubts.

Within hours of Monday’s incidents in Georgia...

The Pity of Niall Ferguson

  • February 07, 2012
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There is nothing worse than a warmonger, but few warmongers are as disgusting and contemptible as Niall Ferguson.  Anyone who doubts this should contemplate his latest outing as a cheerleader for war on Iran, on MSNBC’s Morning Joe programme yesterday:

There is the Great Man, oozing narcissism, gravitas and a smug sense of his self-importance, as...

What Iran Wants: the Day of Judgement

What Iran Wants: the Day of Judgement

  • January 30, 2012
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Supporters of war against Iran often justify their urgency on the grounds that Iran is not just a ‘rogue state’ but a mad state whose leadership is intent on a nuclear-engendered apocalypse.   According to this school of thought the Iranian regime is motivated by an eschatalogical philosophy peculiar to Shia Islam seeks to bring...

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