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Last Flight of the Liberal Bombardiers

  • September 09, 2013
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Liberal interventionism is a serious business that requires tough, decisive men who are ready for the long haul, not sissies or whimps.   No matter how many disasters unfold, no matter how many times the outcome of these interventions departs from their original predictions and expectations, such men must always ready for the next one,   in the hope that success will wipe away the memory of all the others and that they will ultimately emerge triumphant and vindicated, hoisting tattered flags of moral superiority like the Marines on Iwo Jima.

Cometh the hour, cometh...

Stuck Inside of Moscow with the Kremlin Blues Again

Stuck Inside of Moscow with the Kremlin Blues Again

  • September 06, 2013
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Pity David Cameron.   It’s bad enough that he has to show up at the G-20 Conference, all dressed up and no one to bomb, because that “copper-bottomed —-”   Miliband voted against him, thereby denying him the opportunity to stand ‘shoulder to shoulder’ with Obama.   Then he has to endure the galling spectacle of France...

Hello America: The President Would Like Your Permission to Bomb

  • September 04, 2013
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Americans may be reluctant to get involved in another Middle Eastern war, but the US political elite is not going to allow public opinion get in the way of another righteous intervention.   Because foreign policy, national security and reasons of state are serious matters that require serious leaders,  with wisdom, judgment and insight, and an...

Syria: The Red-Liners Are Back

  • August 23, 2013
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Hardly has the blood dried on the streets of Cairo, than the ‘international community’ that barely issued a murmur of protest is once again working itself into a paroxysm of horrified indignation at the evils of the Assad regime in Syria.     The occasion is the alleged sarin gas attack in the Damascus suburb...

The Death of Daniel Somers

The Death of Daniel Somers

  • July 01, 2013
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The Gawker website has performed an essential service in publishing the utterly tragic last letter from the American Iraq veteran Daniel Somers to his family before he killed himself on 10 June.     Somers was 30 years old and had suffered from traumatic brain injury and PTSD, and his letter is a heartbreaking cry...

Once More Into the Abyss, Chaps

  • June 26, 2013
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Whenever the Quartet”s “Peace Envoy” Tony Blair makes any pronouncement on the great issues in the Middle East, you can always guarantee that the missile silos are being readied for action.  Last week Blair took time out from his unctuous tribute to Shimon Peres to call for the establishment of no-fly zones over Syria in...

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