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Addicted to War

  • January 06, 2015
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War is a serious business, or it would be if we took it seriously.

If war was treated with the seriousness it deserves then wars would not be begun lightly on false pretenses.   They would have clear and realistic strategic objectives and timescales.   They would be based on a very clear understanding of the kind of enemy that was being fought, and their planners would devise appropriate strategies and tactics to enable them defeat their enemies and realise their longterm objectives.

If war was treated seriously, their planners would have contingency plans regarding their ...

Sleaze Britannia

  • January 02, 2015
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We British often like to peer into the bedrooms of dictators.   When dictatorships fall we have almost come to expect a torrent of sleaze to come pouring out of their bedrooms, the wilder and more depraved the better.     We like to imagine fallen tyrants as if they were characters in a de...

Briton of the Year

  • December 30, 2014
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I generally try to disengage from the news from Christmas Eve onwards, and even when I don’t succeed festivities and family obligations tend to reduce the amount of time I have to write or even think about it.     One thing I don’t like to think about at all is Ukip.   Nevertheless Farage...

Jimmy Mubenga: A Shameful Verdict

  • December 17, 2014
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Yesterday a jury delivered one of the most astounding verdicts that the British justice system has produced in many years, when it found three former G4S guards not guilty of the manslaughter by gross negligence of   Jimmy Mubenga, the Angolan deportee who was asphyxiated while being forcibly held down in his seat during a...

Hunger is Political

  • December 09, 2014
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The government has adopted a strikingly conciliatory pose in response to yesterday’s report from the All Parliamentary Inquiry into Hunger in the United Kingdom.  The hapless Lady Jenkin may have expressed what many Tories secretly believe when she suggested that hunger in the UK is all due to the inept culinary and budgetary practices of...

A Plague of Violent Cops

A Plague of Violent Cops

  • December 05, 2014
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Policemen have long been a indispensable feature of popular entertainment.   Today, cops and detectives pour through our cinemas and tv screens in an endless stream, and tv cop dramas and police procedurals routinely take their viewer into  dark and dangerous places that other dramas cannot reach.

The stories they tell are not pretty, and cop shows...

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