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Casualties of the border

  • April 12, 2012
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The news that a British helicopter may have been involved in the ‘left-to-die’ boat on which 63 refugees drowned and starved to death fleeing Libya for Lampedusa last year is shameful, but not at all surprising.

In May last year William Hague rejected calls from the Italian government to ‘share the burden’ of refugees fleeing the Libyan war.  Hague insisted that European governments were right to be ‘tough’ toward refugees and migrants from the Arab Spring,  on the grounds that

‘We need proper controls. We can”t just accept a flow of hundreds of thousands...

UK Police: Preparing for a Sub-Lethal Future

UK Police: Preparing for a Sub-Lethal Future

  • April 11, 2012
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Bolstered by the runaway success of The Hunger Games, dystopia seems to be becoming a new cultural sub-genre amongst the young.  Bookshop windows now display a whole range of bleak teenage fictional future scenarios,  involving genetic engineering, pervasive surveillance and police states.

You could attribute this trend to skilful opportunist marketing, but the popularity of these...

Hey politician, leave those teachers alone

  • April 09, 2012
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For the last eleven years I”ve been going to the National Union of Teachers Easter Conference, which my partner attends as a union delegate, so you could say that I’m a little biased when it comes to my assessment of these events.

I only attend the conference as a sporadic observer, but whenever I do I’m...

The cult of national security

  • April 05, 2012
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The Coalition has not exactly covered itself in glory  through its proposal   to allow GCHQ to  monitor all email, Skype and social media conversations in realtime.    Under the proposed legislation, security officials will be able to know who is sending a message and who is receiving it, and the time ...

Smearing Galloway

  • April 01, 2012
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It would be something of an understatement to say that the rightwing press was not overjoyed by George Galloway’s victory in Thursday’s Bradford byelection.   In the Daily Mail the voice of the shires Max Hastings saw it has another sign of impending national downfall in ‘the week politics all but died of shame‘....

George Galloway’s Bradford Spring

  • March 31, 2012
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I can’t profess to being a massive fan of George Galloway.  I admired his brilliant performance at the US Senate.  I agree with many of the positions he has taken on Iraq, Afghanistan and Israel, and other foreign policy issues, as well as his fierce criticism of the Labour Party.  It was...

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