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Cancer patients: get on your bikes

  • February 02, 2012
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The Coalition loves choice, and now they’re offering another one to the public: don’t get cancer in the UK unless you can afford it.     That’s the message that our noble government has just approved during yesterday’s debate on the Coalition’s welfare reform bill, when MPs overturned a House of Lords amendment that would have made cancer patients exempt from means testing in order to qualify for Employment Support Allowance (ESA).

Our politicians weren’t having it, and why should they?     I mean, why should someone be allowed to just sit around...

The Daily Mail: turning tragedy into bigotry

  • January 28, 2012
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I know I’ve written on this subject before, but it needs to be repeated again and again: the Daily Mail  is a toxic pool of xenophobia, racism and rancid little-Englandism, and the fact that it attracts six million readers every week is a huge indictment of the British newspaper-reading public.

Today Paul Dacre’s ghastly rag has...

Torylandia: every deficit has a silver lining

  • January 22, 2012
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In these tough times the nation faces difficult choices, as the government never ceases to remind us – always with the same tone of regret, as if to say what else can we do?  But with every week that passes it is becoming glaringly apparent that the government knows exactly what it wants to...

Foreign scroungers take our benefits

  • January 20, 2012
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It doesn’t stop, and in those dank and rancid corners of the national press that are forever England, it never will.   Today the rightwing broadsheets and tabloids are venting on full spleen, spraying indignant flecks of bile at a report from the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) which claims that 370,000 foreign-born...

Say Goodbye to Luke and Dan

  • January 17, 2012
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If ever I forget why New Labour was such a hollow and amoral rightwing project, there is always someone out there to remind me.   It might be the Great Man himself, still effortlessly serving God and Mammon and raking in the millions while bringing  peace to the Middle East.   Or his equally grasping...

The Bonfire of the Libraries

  • January 15, 2012
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Libraries are special places.  Jorge Luis Borges once imagined that Paradise would look like a ‘kind of library’.   ‘When I got my library card, that’s when my life began,‘    wrote the American writer Rita Mae Brown.  The tennis player Arthur Ashe once described libraries as ‘the courts of last resort’...

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