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Guest Post: News from Tunisia

  • September 30, 2012
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Via Amanda Sebestyen, a translated update on recent events over the last few days in Tunisia from Tunisian blogger Charfeddine Nasri of the Karama association for unemployed graduates in Kasserine, Tunisia:

A man has died from police beatings when he was arrested at a protest;

– A male protestor has reported that he was raped by police officers at the police station in the town of Gafsa

–   The people of Kasserine have  now rejected the authority of the military appeal court at Le Kef [which is looking into the cases of protestors who were killed by police snipers in January 2011  ]

– The American ambassador has visited the two government ministers in charge of Justice and the Interior ministry;

– The cost of a sheep to eat for Eid this year is extremely high, 800 dinars [ £300]

–  President  Moncef  Marzouki  has  given  a  speech  to  the  UN  General  Assembly;

-More than 30 protesters have been arrested for demonstrating against the authorities at the town of Menzel Bouzaien

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