Hard Workin’ Men

Following on from my last post, I thought that all you ‘ordinary hardworking hardpressed people/families’ out there in Alarm Clock Britain could use some visual and musical inspiration as you roll your sleeves up and toil to make the Big Society even bigger than it is.

So here’s a clip from Paul Schrader’s great film Blue Collar, with a pulsating version of Captain Beefheart’s ‘Hard Workin’ Man’.   Apart from the Captain’s marvellous angry growl and Ry Cooder’s searing slide riffing, note the seamless interaction between men and machines – like clockwork.

Now why can’t the UK be like that?    The answer is it can, if people like this would just stop whinging:


Too Good for Poundland? Moi? paper.org/too-good-for-poundland-moi/

And shirking…

Firemen walk through Watford town centre on strike. Sept 2013

So the next time your alarm clock goes off, don’t be like them.  Leap out of bed and out into the street, allow yourself a contemptuous glance at your benefit-scrounging neighbors with their curtains drawn, and then think of yourself the way Stalin once expected every Soviet worker to feel – a hero in an army of labour conquering the future in the Great Global Race:

For you too are a hero, and you too are in the race, even if you work in a place like this:

Or this…

Workers on zero-hours contracts are ‘exploited more and paid less’ http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/workers-on-zerohours-contracts-are-exploited-more-and-paid-less-8672175.html

Or  come home from work to a place like this…

Because all of us have our part to play…

Well not quite all…

But if work isn’t allowed for ‘those who have no right to be here’,  it is good for the rest of us…

Britain is heading for a 'wellbeing meltdown' as so many people suffer stress at work, research has suggested

Stressed staff ‘head for burnout’
One in three workers are being affected by excessive pressure in their job as Britain’s employees head for a “wellbeing meltdown”, according to new research. http://money.uk.msn.com/stressed-staff-head-for-burnout

So get out there and get yourself a JOB.


And the message couldn’t be clearer…

4 thoughts on “Hard Workin’ Men

  1. That energetic look on König Snooty’s face even caused me to set my alarm 10 min earlier than usual.

    By the way if you don’t already know “Working Mans’s Death” by a fellow Styrian called Michael Glawogger you should def. check it out.

    • Glad to know that His Lordship has inspired you Nick. Who knows – you may be eligible for shockworker of the year if you keep on like this. And thanks for the great video. Powerful stuff, but I’m not sure if it conveys the upbeat message that our government would like…

      • I can assure you Matt: His Radiance Kaiser Cameron I. is on my mind all the time. And since the it seems to be en vogue in your capital to talk about how many whites live and work there, I might even be welcome. Sounds like a subdued new dawn of pan germanic, white philosophy. I am sure the FPÖ would fancy an Axis errrr.. cooperation.

        About the movie: The link I shared with you is just one part of this amazing documentary. Also happened to see the guy who made it and had a short talk with him. Clever, good man. He’s from my city.

        Here some further info on his movie: http://www.workingmansdeath.at/about_en.html

        You can watch all the parts on youtube. Al Jazeera posted it there. Considering the slave work bonanza that is going on in Qatar at the moment it is actually quite ironic that they bought the rights to show the documentary few years ago.

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