I write and read a lot about about politics and international affairs, war, militarism and the political manipulation of terrorism and the ‘war on terror’.

I’ve also written about racism, undocumented migration, colonialism and Islamophobia, about military futurism, the expulsion of Spain’s Muslim population in the seventeenth century and the conspiracy theory/fantasy of ‘Eurabia’.

I’m currently researching a book about General Sherman’s March to the Sea during the American Civil War and its influence on American military strategies and tactics.



6 thoughts on “Interests

  1. Matt, here’s what I think is an important piece by Seymour Hersh in the London Review of Books, in which Hersh argues that the gas attacks in Syria were (a) not committed by Assad’s regime and (b) that the US (and British?) governments knew about this, and that the whole thing was got up in concert with Turkey to try to get the west to intervene: If true, and there’s a lot of evidence quoted, it’s pretty serious.

  2. Matt, I discovered your book, “The Devils of Cardona” and am half-way through, and took a breath to look you up. Thanks for this detailed and fascinating book. I am interested in Queen Isabella and the period following her reign. I, too, am an author – of only two books. The recent book is “The Haunting of the Mexican Border.” I live in Tucson, AZ and work on desert trails at the US/Mexico border carrying backpacks of food, water, and medicines to undocumented people who cross and die. I am quite involved in immigration. Thanks for your writing, insight, and keen sense of observation. It made me actually write to a stranger. I look forward to reading more of your works.

  3. Hi Matt

    Came across your blog site by accident today when researching about border issues looking at the situation in Catalonia/Spain. Looking at your profile turns out that I am also quite interested in identical subject matters including foreign policy, immigration/integration, human rights, democratic governance and the like; plenty of posts on my blog site reflect these interests and would be open to collaborate/contribute to thoughts on these issues.

    Take care


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