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My Week as a Media Pariah

  • January 11, 2016
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‘When I first started a blog in January 2011,   I did so as a rather hesitant experiment.  I soon came to enjoy and appreciate the opportunity to write in an informal and sometimes polemical style, generally in response to immediate events, and it became something of a compulsion. To date I have written 757 blog posts, averaging about one thousand words each. Though my blog has a modest but loyal readership, with occasional surges of popularity, to say that it was not nationally-known would be something of an understatement.

All this changed, however, in  the first week of December, when   my previously little-known blog became the centre of a combination of a hysterical Internet lynchmob and McCarthyist witchhunt in a way that I could never have predicted. My transformation into a pariah began on the morning of December 3rd, when I wrote a post critiquing Hilary Benn”s speech in support of the British bombing campaign in Syria. The following evening I came home at 11 o”clock to find that the piece had been re-posted on the Stop the War coalition”s  website, where it had become the subject of an angry twitterstorm…’

My last word on the subject of you-know-what for Ceasefire magazine.  Full version available here

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