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  • April 12, 2011
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Anyone who still believes we live in the best of all possible worlds would do well to read the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute’s background report on global military expenditure for 2010.   According to SIPRI’s research the world spent $1, 630 billion on ‘defence’  last year, of which the United States spent a jaw-dropping $698 billion – 42.8 percent of the total.

Next on the list was China, with an estimated $141 billion (7.3 percent of the global),  followed by the United Kingdom – punching above its weight as usual with a humble but not insignificant $59.6 billion.

But the US really run away with it, with 42.8 percent of all military spending at a time when, according to UNESCO’s 2011  Education for All  Global Monitoring report:

Military spending is also diverting aid resources.It would take just six days of military spending by rich countries to close the US$16 billion Education for All external financing gap.

But isn’t it good to know that  Obama’s Nobel Prizy, peacey thing is having an impact?   That even in these times of crisis and sacrifice, of job losses, soup kitchens, collapsing infrastructure, cuts in health, education and pretty much everything else, the bombs keep falling and new and better ones are being built – and being sold.

Don’t tell me that doesn’t leave you with a warm glowing feeling?



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