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Italy Turns Left

  • May 23, 2012
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Interesting developments in Italy, in the second round of muncipal elections on Monday. Before the elections, the centre-right controlled 98 cities and the centre-left 56.  Now the ratio has been reversed and the centre-left has 95 and the centre-right’s share has been reduced to 34.

Berlusconi’s People of Liberty party has taken a hammering, and...

Au Revoir Sarko

  • May 07, 2012
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Even by the dismal standards set by so many European rightwing governments in the last decade or so, Nicolas Sarkozy was a uniquely repellent politician.  Brash, vulgar, ostentatious, ruthless and arrogant, his appetite for power was untempered by any moral scruples.

This was a man who, according to the investigative journalism website  Mediapart,  received 50 million...

Spain : Basta ya!

  • April 28, 2012
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The latest statistics on the Spanish economic crisis are truly devastating.  Unemployment is now at 24.44 percent, close to the record of 24.55 percent in 1994.  In Extremadura, Andalucia and the Canary Islands the figure is 30 percent.   There are now 5. 6 million unemployed out of a total population of 47 million.  ...

Miss Austerity’s House of Pain

  • April 24, 2012
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The other day an acquaintance of mine told me that she had just begun working for the Citizens Advice Bureau.   One of her first calls was from a cancer patient who has become incontinent because of the treatment she was receiving.  The reason for the call was because the patient had just been told...

UK Police: Preparing for a Sub-Lethal Future

UK Police: Preparing for a Sub-Lethal Future

  • April 11, 2012
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Bolstered by the runaway success of The Hunger Games, dystopia seems to be becoming a new cultural sub-genre amongst the young.  Bookshop windows now display a whole range of bleak teenage fictional future scenarios,  involving genetic engineering, pervasive surveillance and police states.

You could attribute this trend to skilful opportunist marketing, but the popularity of these...

The Lonesome Death of Dimitris Chrystoulas

The Lonesome Death of Dimitris Chrystoulas

  • April 07, 2012
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Today the funeral of Dimitris Chrystoulas,  the  77-year-old pensioner who shot himself in Syntagma Square on Wednesday in front of the Greek parliament, will take place in Athens.   In a suicide note found at his apartment, the retired pharmacist reportedly wrote:

I find no other solution than a dignified end before I start searching through...

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