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Hillary Clinton: a Hawk in Hawk’s Clothing

  • February 07, 2016
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I tend, for better or worse,  to be wary of progressive political surges in American politics that place too many expectations on who becomes president, and my attitude to Bernie Sanders is no exception.  On the one hand it’s heartening to see a self-proclaimed democratic socialist in the United States who is actually...

Clinton and Bush: Hawk versus Hawk

  • February 19, 2015
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If you take seriously the premise that US military power is a force for international stability and global good,   then a number of events over the last two weeks ought to give pause for thought.   In Kosovo, nearly 16 years after NATO bombed Yugoslavia, UNCHR reported that 10,000 people had filed for asylum...

Black Holes in Benghazi

Black Holes in Benghazi

  • May 16, 2013
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Far be it from me to defend Barack Obama or Hilary Clinton, but the Republican attempt to embroil the Obama administration in a ‘cover-up’ over the killing of four Americans, including the US ambassador, in Benghazi last September says a great deal about the intellectual and moral vortex into which American politics has descended.

Obama has...

‘Unforeseen Consequences’ and the Unravelling of Libya

  • April 03, 2012
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The imperium and its cohorts are in a hurry these days.     No sitting around waiting for the wheels of diplomacy or negotiations to take their course for them.   Not when there’s a world to be put to rights, wars that need to be fought, rebels to be armed, regimes to topple.    ...

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