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Theresa May’s Hateful Immigration Bill: a Shocker by Any Other Name

  • October 11, 2013
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Listening to Theresa May announcing the Home Office’s new Immigration Bill on the Today program yesterday morning was a dispiriting and desultory experience.

Whenever its contents were called into question, her voice assumed the same taut note of barely-suppressed hysteria and desperation that the hapless Nicola Murray regularly demonstrates in The Thick of It when trying...

Illegal Immigrants: Theresa May is Watching You

  • August 02, 2013
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Perhaps moved by the display of patriotic fervor that accompanied the successful Royal breeding last week,   the government is engaging in a new and unprecedented display of toughness and control in order to address the ‘concerns’ of the British public about the porosity of ‘our’ borders.

Following the Home Office’s ‘go home’ illegal immigration van,...

Spain’s surplus people

  • May 11, 2012
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In our era of no-choice austerity, we are often told that politicians are obliged to make tough decisions, but some governments are setting new standards in callousness and inhumanity in their attempts to put their country’s finances in order.

Take the decision by the Spanish government to deny medical treatment  to “illegal” immigrants.

Under the new law,...

Migrants In Calais (Part 1)

  • March 23, 2012
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CALAIS, France, Mar 22, 2012 (IPS) – It”s more than two years since French police demolished the migrant squatter camp in Calais known as the Jungle in September 2009. At the time the widely-publicised demolition was hailed by the French and British authorities as a major blow to the smugglers or passeurs who facilitated illegal...

Death on the Greek borders

  • January 18, 2012
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International attention  is once again focussed on Greece  as EU and IMF officials gather in Athens to work out a deal to prevent a potential debt default and a Greek exit from the eurozone, and protesters once again take to the streets.   EU/IMF ‘reforms’ have already had a  disastrous impact on large swathes...

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