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Timothy Garton Ash’s Awfully Big War

  • February 02, 2015
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There are some liberals who give liberalism a bad name and Timothy Garton Ash is one of them.

They build up their careers as thoughtful and nuanced independent commentators, arguing that ‘facts are subversive’, yet when it comes to war and the use of military power they know what side they’re on, and they know that...

Nelson Mandela’s Phony Fanclub

  • December 06, 2013
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The death of Nelson Mandela is an event to be mourned, but his magnificent life is also something to be celebrated, for his exemplary moral courage and for the heroic struggle against one of the most oppressive and vile political systems ever created which   he symbolized, and helped bring to a triumphant conclusion after...

John McCain wants to bomb…again

  • March 06, 2012
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Republican Senator John McCain is one of those American politicians who rarely comes across a war he doesn’t like.   During a 2000 Republican debate,  he advocated a new variant on the Reagan Doctrine which he called ‘rogue state rollback’  and declared that if he were president

I would arm, train, equip, both from...

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