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Tory Crackhouse

Tory Crackhouse

  • June 09, 2019
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For the last three years UK politics have become a collective political hallucination that makes Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds seem like a script for a gritty sociorealist documentary.  Instead of rocking horse people eating marshmallow pie, it’s a country stalked by grifters, fascist thugs, unicorns and monsters; where demagogues accuse politicians of treason...

One Nation Under a Gove

One Nation Under a Gove

  • March 14, 2019
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Whenever I hear politicians invoke ‘ the national interest’ I tend to reach for the metaphorical salt cellar.  It’s not that I don’t believer there is such a thing, but ‘the national interest’ is one of those empty box phrases, like ‘national security’ or ‘the public interest’ that politicians can fill with whatever they want,...

The House that Brexit Built

  • April 05, 2017
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With less than a week since HM Government presented the EU with the letter, the lineaments of the new British future are already beginning to emerge out of the fog of incompetence, lies and fading promises, and it isn’t a pretty sight.   Before Article 50  had been triggered, Michael Gove was looking forward...

Liberation Day

  • March 30, 2017
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No matter what the future may bring, those of us who were lucky enough to be alive and British on March 29 2017 will never forget the glorious day when the United Kingdom finally threw off the yoke of the European Union.  In the years to come, perhaps very soon, we will hold a national...

Ofsted: Gove’s Trojan Horse

  • June 11, 2014
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For some time now it has been clear that Ofsted functions as the political instrument of central government.   Until recently this instrumentalization was mostly manifest in general terms; for governments intent on scapegoating teachers for the many failings of British society, Ofsted’s inquisitorial inspection system constituted a useful blunt instrument for intimidating and bullying...

How the Greens Subverted the Nation’s Children

  • April 11, 2014
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Michael Gove has been in the papers a lot recently.   I still can’t think of him enthusiastically describing London as a place to have ‘loads of hot sex’ without feeling a combination of astonishment and faint queasiness in my stomach.

The juxtaposition of Gove and ‘hot sex’ is such an unlikely and unappetizing combination for...

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