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Three Cheers for Jess Green

  • April 07, 2014
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Anybody who is or has been a teacher in the UK, or is living or married to one, will recognize the reality depicted in Jess Green’s searing and witty indictment of Michael Gove that is currently picking up thousands of hits on Youtube:

And anyone who cares about the future of the country’s education system should...

Michael Gove and Sally Morgan: Alien versus Predator

  • February 03, 2014
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To say that I don’t hold Education Secretary Michael Gove in high regard would be understating it considerably.   But the ongoing pseudo-row about his refusal   to extend Ofsted chair Sally Morgan’s contract is one thing that I am not going to hold against him or get particularly exercised about.

With an unvarying eye for...

Michael Gove’s Lovely War

Michael Gove’s Lovely War

  • January 03, 2014
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The WW1 centenary has barely begun, and our Education Secretary has taken a break from dismantling the nation’s education system to remind the world that the war was really a jolly good show all round,   and that anyone who doesn’t agree is a pernicious commie pinko and a Britain-hater.

Michael Gove – for it is...

The Rings of the Gove

  • May 13, 2013
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Even amongst the reactionary gargoyles in Lord Snooty’s cabinet, Michael Gove is truly a piece of work.     Ever since he wrote his banal neocon screed Celsius 7/7, Gove has presented himself – and unfortunately been accepted in certain circles – as some kind of deep thinker.

The New Statesman loves him for his charm...

A Message from the Chancellor

  • April 22, 2013
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Hello everyone.   My name is George Osborne and I’m the Chancellor of the Exchequer.   It’s really a pleasure for me to show you round the new Britain that we have been building these last three years, in the hope that you will ignore the doomsayers and the naysayers, the negative credit...

Michael Gove: Failure is an Opportunity

  • August 25, 2012
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Downstairs on the living room table, the envelope containing my daughter’s GCSE results sits unopened, awaiting her return from Edinburgh later today.   We have resisted the temptation to fling ourselves upon it – or steam it open and take a surreptitious preview – because an agreement is an agreement.

As the moment draws near however,...

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