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No Deal:  All the Demons are Here

No Deal: All the Demons are Here

  • August 19, 2019
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There was a time when Halloween or All Hallows Eve was not much celebrated in the UK.   Now children up and down the country merrily celebrate the liminal point where the boundaries between the living and the dead dissolve, where witches, ghosts and spirits briefly walk the earth,  when ‘Halloween wraps fear in innocence’ in...

Lexit: the Disaster Utopia

Lexit: the Disaster Utopia

  • March 21, 2019
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There is in every society , and at every historical period, a yearning for collapse and calamity – or at least a fascination with these possibilities.  Our fascination with things falling apart is sometimes based on a vague awareness that the prospect of disaster is never as far away as we think.  But there is...

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