I´ve just seen on Facebook that the Home Office has come to its senses and rescinded the removal order issued against Rania Abdechakour in May this year.   The order to remove this severely disabled 5-year-old Algerian girl, who had been cared for by her aunt and uncle Jo and Moussa Taleb in Bolton for the last three years, was one of the most grotesque and shameful decisions taken by the Home Office in many years.

The change of heart is a tribute to the love and dedication shown by the Talebs, who mounted a last ditch campaign to prevent the removal even though Jo Taleb was heavily pregnant.    Now the Talebs can go ahead and formally adopt Rania, and this remarkable child will be able to continue to receive the care that had already produced  such terrific results during her stay in the UK, before some dim bureaucrat tried to bring it to an end.

Congratulations to the family.  They really deserved this.  And in a world where a lot of bad things are happening, it´s good to know that good things also take place, and that campaigns waged in the name of justice, humanity and common sense can be fought, and also won.