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Spain’s New Picaresque

  • February 25, 2013
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When the scandal broke out in Germany last week of neo-Nazi security guards working in an  Amazon warehouse, I was interested to note how many of the bullied migrant workers there  were Spaniards.  One of them was a Spanish art teacher in her 50s and the mother of three children, who was forced to emigrate...

Spain implodes and explodes

  • July 21, 2012
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Despite major surgical intervention and a major cash transfusion for its ailing banks, the Spanish patient is continuing to languish on the operating table and may not leave the hospital for some time.

A raft of ideologically-motivated austerity cuts from the vacillating and useless Conservative government has exacerbated Spain’s precarious condition, choking growth and provoking serious...

Spain’s Year of Miracles

  • May 20, 2012
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For the last ten days I’ve been leading walking groups around the fabulously beautiful mountains of northern Majorca.  This is only my second visit to the island  since I came here in 1992, when I was still living in Barcelona.

For Spain -and Europe, 1992 was a year in which the “end of history” narratives that...

Spain as Metaphor

Spain as Metaphor

  • April 29, 2012
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The Spanish  city of Ciudad Real isn’t the most obvious tourist destination.  Situated in the province of La Mancha 115 miles from Madrid, it has a population of 74,000 and few attractions beyond its associations with Spain’s most famous literary character.

In 2003 however,  a private company named CR Aeropuertos began to attract investment for a...

Spain : Basta ya!

  • April 28, 2012
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The latest statistics on the Spanish economic crisis are truly devastating.  Unemployment is now at 24.44 percent, close to the record of 24.55 percent in 1994.  In Extremadura, Andalucia and the Canary Islands the figure is 30 percent.   There are now 5. 6 million unemployed out of a total population of 47 million.  ...

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