The Syrian Weapons Inspection: Chronicle of a War Foretold?

It is now becoming clear that the handful of countries which believe that they have some intrinsic right to bomb and attack any country in the world whenever they feel like it are very close to doing it again in Syria.

Despite the divisions within the US foreign policy establishment, despite the fact that even advocates of military action do not know what its aims are or what its consequences will be or even what form it should take, despite the crimes and disasters in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya, they are going to bomb yet another Arab country in the vague hope that they will be able to re-shape the shattered pieces afterwards.

All this is being done, just as it was in Iraq, on the basis of a crude and gross piece of manipulation whose transparency would be simply pathetic and laughable were it not for the fact that no one of any significance is even bothering to challenge it.    There is so far no credible evidence whatsoever that the Syrian security forces carried out the alleged chemical weapons attack in Ghouta.   It is not known how many people died or how they died.

No one has offered any plausible explanation for why the Assad regime would stage a chemical weapons attack in its own capital, at a time when UN inspectors are in the country investigating its purported use of such weapons – an event that anyone in Syria knows perfectly well would be immediately used as a justification for military action against it, and would in fact constitute political suicide.

None of the governments now baying for military action have bothered to offer such an explanation.    All of them have insisted from the beginning that they ‘believe’ or ‘know’ that Assad was responsible, when in fact none of them know anything at all and they believe what they want to believe.

Now that Syria has agreed to let weapons inspectors visit the site, the Imperium has decreed the decision ‘too late to be credible’ .  In other words, the US and its allies in the anti-Syria coalition fear that the inspection may not definitively back up their allegations or may cast sufficient ambiguity to undermine their current propaganda offensive and military preparations, so they have simply decided in advance to reject its conclusions.

Had Syria not permitted an inspection, it would of course have proved
Assad’s guilt and confirmed that the ‘red line’ had been crossed.  Now, by permitting one, it has produced the same outcome, even before the inspection has even taken place.

Naturally Cameron, the disgusting little warmonger who likes to shoot deer on his holidays, has gone along with the charade, insisting ‘This crime must not be swept under the carpet,’ and the ‘socialist’ French president Francois Hollande has also declared ‘France is determined that this act does not go unpunished.’

Just assume for the sake of argument that any of these countries actually wanted to get to the bottom of what happened in Ghouta, then one might expect them to wait for the inspection’s conclusions and do everything possible to ensure a complete and extensive scientific investigation.

One would also expect that independent and concerned governments would want to consider all potential scenarios regarding such weapons, including the possibility that they might have been used by forces inside and outside Syria seeking to bring about Western ‘intervention.’

But the fact is that none of the ‘red liners’ are really concerned about chemical weapons, or the deaths in Ghouta, or who was responsible for them.   Their  hollow rhetoric about ‘dictators using chemical weapons against their own people’ is nothing more than a propaganda scam whose crudeness can only be explained by the arrogance of politicians and war hawks who simply don’t feel the need to come up with good lies, because they believe that they can get away with anything.

This is the arrogance of gangsters.  It’s the arrogance of Hitler, who attacked Poland on the basis of a faked attack on German soldiers.  It’s the arrogance of the Tonkin Gulf.

It’s the arrogance we saw a decade ago in Iraq, and now we’re seeing it all over again.   Nothing has been learned.   The media which was so credulous then, has for the most part, has simply replayed the official message without holding it up to scrutiny.

But one thing has changed.  In 2003 millions of people once demonstrated against the Iraq war; now the public shrugs its shoulders with resignation or breathes a sigh of relief that at last, the bombs are about to fall and that ‘we’ are doing something.

All this for a lie that stinks to high heaven, and which ultimately contaminates us all.  But tragically too many of us appear to have no sense of smell.

One thought on “The Syrian Weapons Inspection: Chronicle of a War Foretold?

  1. Now I am no fan of Mr. Al-Assad but he pretty much nailed it in a recent interview where he said the allegations are an “insult to common sense”… sadly that’s what 99.9% of our “quality” media willingly lack just to not rock the common sense boat, which consists of signing on to any ludicrous allegation as long as the as the phrase stars with “officials say”, “the president believes” or “the prime minister is convinced” etc.

    Like you said, the whole thing smells so bad of false flag that one might even invent a new category for such fishy events. Maybe blood flag attack, which might just as well float our red liners boat. Compared to this new “crossing” of the red line the build up to the 2003 invasion of Iraq seems almost like a master piece of clever camouflaging of ice cold geopolitical warmongering. One is almost tempted to become all nostalgic. Maybe it’s because it was mostly done by Mr. Powell back then.

    But look on the bright side Matt: At least we will all be able to forget about the whole, fat, ugly and depressing NSA-Scandal as soon as the oh so nicely named Tomahawks start cruising again.

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