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The Prime Minister of Deportations

  • July 31, 2014
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Proving once again his commitment to defending the nation’s borders from the benefit-seeking migrant hordes,  David Cameron has posed for photographs at a Slough house from which four Albanians suspected of illegal immigration had just been arrested by Britain’s intrepid immigration police.   Lord Snooty was accompanied by Home Secretary Theresa May, who also posed for a photo shoot that is sure to get the nation’s heart pumping with pride and patriotic zeal.

The Albanians are so far only ‘suspected’ of illegal immigration offenses, but that did not stop Lord Snooty and his Tiger Lady from posing alongside our magnificent border guards, poring over what appear to be the passports of the four men.  Cameron has been accused of bad taste for venturing into the frontline of Britain’s immigration wars, but really the nation should consider itself fortunate to be led by a man of such exceptional moral and political courage, a man willing to take on the enemies of our nation and show the publoic that he is doing it.

It’s a pity that Cameron and May didn’t appear at the arrest of Isabella Acevedo, former immigration minister Mark Harper’s Colombian cleaner last week, who immigration officers finally caught at her daughter’s wedding, following a vicious campaign of intimidation from vengeful Home Office officials.

That raid has been documented by the dogged Ian Dunt at, who is pretty much the only journalist to have looked at what happened to Acevedo after Harper’s resignation.   Dunt spoke to Acevedo by phone at Yarl’s Wood last week, where she told him of the phone calls by immigration officials that followed Harper’s resignation, one of whom told her that she was ‘messing with the wrong people.’

Acevedo told Dunt how she went underground to escape these calls – and narrowly avoided a dawn raid by immigration officials.   She told him how they finally caught up with her, minutes before her daughter’s wedding, where 15 officials grabbed and handcuffed her, one of whom told her ‘ we told you would get you.’

The officers also separated the bride and groom and threatened to cancel the wedding, before finally allowing it to go ahead.   What a pity that Cameron and May didn’t allow themselves to be photographed there, perhaps with the bridal couple in the background, because all this was a calculated and everyday piece of institutional cruelty that will surprise no one with any familiarity with Britain’s immigration wars.

Acevedo broke down various times while relating this story to Dunt, at one point asking, ”I haven’t done anything wrong. I’m a working person, I’m making a life.  Why would they do that to me and my family?’

A good question, but not one that is likely to be answered by Cameron or May – or by Labour’s Yvette Cooper, whose only response to the photo op ‘bad taste’ was to ask why the Coalition hasn’t introduced benefit restrictions for new migrants.  For politicians like these, the real life stories and wrecked lives of Britain’s ‘illegal immigrants’ are of no interest.

Cooper needn’t worry.  They’ve done that now.   And we can no doubt expect to see many more examples of ‘bad taste’ from Lord Snooty and His Pals, as Britain’s politicians compete in a frenzied race to the bottom that translates ‘illegal’ men, women, and children into statistics and photo ops.

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