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2013: The Year of Living Ukiply

  • January 01, 2014
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It can be safely said that 2013 was not a year in which the British political class covered itself in glory as far as the great immigration ‘debate’ is concerned.

On the contrary, in the last twelve months Britain’s politicians – with the support of some the most unscrupulous and dishonest newspapers in the western world – have gone to extraordinary lengths to legitimize and pander to the worst instincts and prejudices of the population, and have been collectively complicit in the demonization and victimization of immigrants per se, and certain categories of migrants in...

Tis the Season to be Hateful

  • December 28, 2013
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Some years ago I read that Charles Dickens would pay tramps to sit outside his house on Christmas Day, so that he and his carousing guests could enjoy the cosy domestic pleasures of the Victorian hearth even more, by contrasting it with the poverty and deprivation just outside his front door.

I’ve never discovered whether that...

Lord Freud and Foodbanks: a Parable for Our Times

Lord Freud and Foodbanks: a Parable for Our Times

  • December 13, 2013
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Even by the dire standards set by the government, the Under-Secretary for Work and Pensions Lord David Freud, or Baron Freud of Eastry is a nasty piece of work.   Freud is Sigmund Freud’s great grandson, and the Great Man’s humanist genes have clearly not   filtered down to this callous apparatchik and Ian Duncan-Smith’s...

Cameron Explains Why Less is Always More

Cameron Explains Why Less is Always More

  • November 13, 2013
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Back in 2010, when this nightmare government came to power, David Cameron insisted that austerity was a temporary response to the national emergency of ‘the deficit’ in a time of generalised economic crisis caused by the Coalition’s predecessors.

We were told lots of other things as well: that the Coalition’s cabinet of millionaires was moved by...

The Asylum Seeker Who Learned to Fly

  • November 06, 2013
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On a day when University College London’s Centre for Research and Analysis of Migration found that migrants had provided a £25 billion tax boost to the UK economy since 2000, the British tabloids had another story to tell.

It was a story that we have heard many times before, a grim and bitter tale of...

The Coalition’s Theatre of Cruelty

  • October 02, 2013
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Even amongst the strange collection of reactionary gargoyles in the Coalition, ‘Communities Minister’ Eric Pickles is a special case.   Like a horrible fusion of Dickensian villain, Toad of Toad Hall and one of the Aliens in Toy Story, this hard-faced, glassy-eyed heap of blubber emanates   a combination of dimness, callousness and malice that...

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